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We Buy Amarillo Houses in the snow! | 806-359-SOLD (7653)

Right now it is 6 degrees in Amarillo TX and the wind is gusting up to 50 mph.  It’s very cold.  The snow is blowing sideways and visibility is not very good.   But the good news is that I just bought a house!  I just left a house that had frozen pipes.  A line burst in the attic and flooded the house.  It was a disaster.  The lady who sold me the house called Serve Pro and they told her that it would cost about $4,000 to get the house cleaned up.  I can get it done for much less.  So it made a lot of sense for her to sell the house to me.  Instead of worrying about the clean up she will be cashing a check in about 3 days.

When we buy Amarillo houses we take them in as is condition.  We don’t even want you to clean up!  We pay  all of the closing costs and take care of all the details.  We make it a very easy transaction.   If you are even thinking of selling a house that needs repairs or needs to be sold quickly you should call us today.  Even if it is snowing outside, we would like to make you an offer!   Call us at 359-SOLD (7653) or visit our website to find out how cool we are!  We Buy Amarillo Houses

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