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Sell My House Fast Amarillo TX | Real Estate Investor Amarillo 806-359-7653

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

I received a call last week from a woman who was desperate to sell her house.  Her husband had lost his job and they were not able to keep making payments.  They had contacted another Real Estate Investor (I won’t mention any names) who had told them that he was buying their house.  He even wrote a contact on the house.  But he never really intended to buy it.  Instead, he tried selling it to other investors.  When that didn’t work he just backed out of the deal one week before the foreclosure sale.  But before he did, he filed his contract against the property.  In other words, he placed what amounted to a lien on the house.  So it couldn’t be sold without paying him off first.  When I contacted him he told me he wanted $5,000 to release the property.  Can you believe that?  It made me want to puke!  It’s no wonder that real estate investors have such a bad reputation!  To make a long story short, I called my title company and my attorney and we got everything handled.  We closed on the house in three days without any trouble.

I’m not going to go off on my usual rant about unscrupulous investors.  But just make sure that you are working with an established company who can provide you not only with references but also proof of funds.  Make sure that they actually have the ability and the intentions to buy your house!

If you have a house that you need to sell fast give me a call.  I can take it as is so you don’t have to fix anything.  I pay all of the closing costs and handle all of the details.  It is very easy.  You can find out more about my company at Sell My House Fast Amarillo or better yet, give me a call at 806-359-7653.  It may be old fashioned, but I think it’s hard to beat calling someone!

Who is Mitchell Property Group? | Amarillo TX Real Estate 806-359-7653

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Who is Mitchell Property Group?  We are a local husband and wife team who buy houses in Amarillo TX.  Real Estate is our passion and we really enjoy helping people.  How are we different from other investors?

Well, first of all we are very easy to work with.  We take the time to listen to your questions and make sure that you understand all of your options.  Second, we give you several options to consider.  Contrary to what you may think, we don’t try to convince everyone to sell their house to us.  Some of the houses we look at are in good condition, in a good area, and the owners have plenty of time to wait for it to sell.  In that case listing the house usually makes more sense.  We would love to list it for you.  Emmy is a licensed Real Estate Broker with Key Realty.  She can help you sell it for top dollar to a homeowner.

On the other hand, if you have a house that you need to sell fast, or if your house needs a lot of repairs, we can definitely buy it from you.  We pay all the closing costs and take your house in as is condition.  You don’t need to fix anything or clean anything.  We handle all of the paperwork and take care of all the details.  It is a very easy process.

We can help you with just about any situation that you can think of.  You can check us out online at Mitchell Property Group or better yet you can just call us.  If you need help selling your house give us a call at 806-359-7653.

Are Amarillo Real Estate Investors Con Artists?

Friday, April 8th, 2011

When I tell people that I am a Real Estate Investor most of the time it is pretty well received.  But sometimes people give me the evil eye.  It’s almost like I just told them that I am a drug dealer or something!  I often hear people saying that Real Estate Investors try to steal houses or that they are low-ballers.  I really don’t understand why some people think that.  They are just like any other small business owners.  They are just trying to make a living.  Sure there are bad ones out there, but there are also plenty of good ones.  Before you jump to conclusions, here are a few things that you might want to consider:

  1. Real Estate Investors work with smaller profit margins than most other retail businesses.  Most houses are purchased by investors for around 70-75% of value.  Then they spend money rehabbing the property.  They also have to pay taxes, insurance, and make payments until the property sells.  When it sells they will usually end up paying most of the new buyer’s closing costs plus a 6% Realtor commission.  They will also have their own closing costs to pay.  When all the dust settles, most Investors will end up making around 5-10% on the total deal.  This is not a very good return when you consider the tremendous amount of risk that is involved.  Realtors make 6% and have no risk.  Most retail stores have between a 30% and 50% mark up, if not more.  Car dealers buy your trade in for $10,000 and sell it for $14,000.  These margins are much better than the margins that Real Estate Investors work with.
  1. Price is not the only thing to consider in a transaction.  Think about a convenience store.  You pay more for items in a convenience store then you do in a grocery store, but you can get what you need right now!  It is more convenient.  People always pay more for convenience.  People will knowingly accept less for their house if they can have their money in 3 days instead of 3 months.  The same applies to someone who is trades their vehicle to the dealer instead of selling it on their own.  They receive the wholesale value but they don’t have wait for their car to sell.  Each person sells for his or her own reasons.  Sometimes convenience or timing can be more important than price.
  1. Real Estate Investors help the economy and provide an invaluable service to the community.  They buy houses that are not desirable.   They remodel these houses, increase the value, and sell them.  By transforming these run-down houses they increase the value of the entire neighborhood.   This is a good thing, especially if you live next door to the distressed house.  In many blue collar neighborhoods rehabbers account for a huge portion of the houses that are sold.  So the bottom line is that Real Estate Investors increase home values and sell lots of houses.  According to the National Association of Realtors, two jobs are created for every house that is sold.  Every house that is sold pumps nearly $60,000 into the economy.  Real Estate Investors help drive the housing market.
  1. Real Estate Investors provide affordable housing.  If it weren’t for these investors there would be no rent houses.  Imagine that… a world without rentals.  There are a lot of people who would be in trouble.  I mean, who hasn’t lived in a rent house at one time or another.

Every month I get calls from people who live in small towns where there are no Real Estate Investors.  These people are desperate for someone to buy their house.  They have some sort of emergency and need to sell as fast as possible.  Their house is in such bad condition that it cannot be sold to a home owner.  Unfortunately I can’t help them.  Most critics of Real Estate Investors forget that not everyone has a house in a good neighborhood that is in perfect condition.  Not everyone can wait for six months for their house to sell.  Most critics have never faced foreclosure, loss of income, bankruptcy, or divorce.  They have never walked in the shoes of people who are facing desperate situations.  Thank goodness there are a few good Real Estate Investors in Amarillo.

If your house needs a lot of work or if you need to sell it fast give us a call.  We can buy your house and close in less than a week.  We are members of the better business bureau and have tons of references.  Call us at 806-359-7653 or visit us on line at Amarillo Real Estate Investors.

Looking for a Home Buyer in Amarillo? | Sell Your House in 3 day! 806-359-7653

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

If you have a house that you need to sell in Amarillo TX give me a call.  Well, let me back up.  If you have a house that needs to be sold fast, or needs a lot of work, or both, then call me.  I can help.  If your home is in a nice area and doesn’t need much work then it is probably better to call a Realtor.  Especially if you are in a position to wait 3-6 months for it to sell.  If you need is sold sooner then I can help.  I am not looking to list your house and pray that it sells.  I am a buyer.  Here is what I can do for you.

  • Close on whatever day you want (You are in complete control!)
  • Take the property as-is (You don’t have to fix or clean ANYTHING!)
  • Pay all of your closing costs (Saves you money!)
  • Take care of all the details and paperwork (No stress for you!)

When you compare my offer with what you actually walk away from the closing table using a Realtor you will be shocked.  If your house is in perfect condition, you want top dollar, and you don’t mind waiting for months then a Realtor will work fine.  If not, sell your house to me!

Call 806-359-SOLD (7653) today or visit my website at Amarillo Home Buyer

Real Estate Investors Amarillo TX | Sell your house today! 806-359-7653

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

I get calls every month from people who tried working with a brand new Real Estate investor.  This person made big promises but in the end, the deal didn’t close and the homeowner was left holding the bag.  They call me looking for help.  The problem is that many investors can’t get loans to buy houses, so they just try to make a quick buck by selling the house before they buy it. They just want to be the middle man.  They have no intentions of closing on the houses they put under contract.  It sounds crazy but it actually happens.  This is called an assignment of contract.  In a nutshell, one person gets a house under contract and then sells the contact to another investor.  I can tell you right now that you don’t want to be in the middle of a deal like that.  You are basically dealing with a person who is not is not able to buy your house.  They put up very little earnest money and are willing to walk away if they can’t find another investor to sell it to.

So how do you know which company to work with?  You have got to make sure that you are selling your house to an established, reputable company.  You need to make sure that they have the funds available to close and that they do indeed plan to close on the house themselves.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1.  Try to deal with only local companies.  This makes checking up on a company much easier.  I personally wouldn’t deal with someone who wasn’t local.

2.  Ask for and call references.  A good company should have plenty of satisfied customers.  I can give you a list of references a mile long.

3.  Check with the Better Business Bureau.  Just because someone has a ‘we buy Amarillo houses’ ad doesn’t mean that they are a real company.

4.  Insist on using a local title company.

5.  Meet the person face to face if possible.  There are too many scams out there.  Meeting face to face makes it much harder to be scammed.

6. Ask lots of questions.  Don’t take anything for granted.

7.  Have a local attorney review the contract if anything looks suspicious.

8.  Don’t work with anyone who wants to put a sign in your yard and sell your house to someone else.  That is just ridiculous.  Why not just call a Realtor?

It is important to remember that not all real estate investment companies are bad.  When we write a contract on a house, we intend on closing that deal.  We have the funds available to buy it.  Sometimes we even advise people to do something besides selling us their house.  They just look at us kind of funny,  but that’s just how we do it.  We have to live and work here in this community with the same people we help.  We are very much a local company.  People can stop by our office for a cup of coffee anytime.  But the bottom line is that our deals close on time.  We do what we say we’ll do. That’s why we are still in business.  We can give you dozens of references.

If you have a house to sell in Amarillo or Canyon,  give us a call.  We would be happy to make you an offer.  You can call us at 806-359-7653. If you are a little shy but still want some more information you can visit my website at Amarillo Real Estate Investors.

Sell your house faster and for more! | We Buy Amarillo Houses! 806-359-7653

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

How can I sell my house fast in Amarillo?

I wish that every time someone called me with a house to sell that I could buy it.  But that is just not the case.  Sometimes people have plenty of time to sell and their house doesn’t need any work.  In that case selling to a homeowner is the best option.

People often ask me how they can get their house to sell faster and for more money.  There are several things that you can do.  Here is the first one.

Make your house appeal to buyers. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it?  It is so easy though, to over look this point.  With the high number of houses sitting on the market buyers have more to choose from than ever.  Your house must be very appealing to buyers or it will get passed over.  Start with the outside. Curb-appeal is what gets people in the door.  Make sure the exterior is painted and needs no repairs.  Chipping or peling paint will scare off most home buyers.  Use a pressure washer to clean the exterior brick or siding.  The yard should be freshly mowed and free of any trash or junk.  Adding flower beds is an inexpensive way to make your house look better.  You may also consider adding shutters to your windows.  These little things will increase the curb-appeal of your house and help it be more competitive.  Next, focus your attention on the kitchen and bathrooms, especially the master bath.   Experts agree that these are the most important areas of your house.  If you are going to spend money on fixing up your house start here.  Remove all clutter from inside your house.  This helps buyers visualize how they will arrange their furniture.  It also makes your house appear bigger.  Make sure to fix any items that need repair.  Leaky faucets, stained carpet, old hot water heaters, and stained bathtubs are good places to start.  Just make sure that everything works.  Finally, make sure that your house is spotlessly clean and smells good.  You need to be able to show your house with little notice so keep it clean at all times.

If you ever need an outside opinion on your house give us a call.  We can probably give you some ideas that you may not have even thought about.  We buy Amarillo houses every month from people just like you.  And of course, if you need to sell your house fast, give us a call.  We would love to make you an offer!   We buy Amarillo houses every month from people just like you.Call 806-359-SOLD (7653) or visit us at Sell Your Amarillo House.

Sell Your House Amarillo | We Buy Amarillo Houses! Call 806-359-7653 today!

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Have you heard how long it takes to sell a house with a Realtor these days?  Some reports show 6 months… And that’s if your house is in good condition!  6 months of showings to picky unqualified buyers.

If that doesn’t sound fun, give us a call.  We specialize in buying houses that need to be sold quickly, or that need work, or both.  We pay cash, close whenever you want, and pay all of the closing costs.

When you compare our offer with what you actually walk away from the closing table using a Realtor you will be shocked.  If your house is in perfect condition, you want top dollar, and you don’t mind waiting for months then a Realtor will work fine.  If not, sell it to us, don’t list it.

If you are even thinking of selling call us today at  806-359-SOLD (7653) or visit us online at Sell My Amarillo House.

Why would you sell to a Real Estate Investor? | Amarillo TX Real Estate

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Why would you ever consider selling your house to a Real Estate investor like me?  That is a really good question!  If I needed to sell my house I think selling to an investor would not be the first thing that would come to mind.  I would be thinking about calling a Real Estate agent or selling the house on my own.  Here is the problem with both of those ideas.

First off, let me say this… If your house is in good condition, in a good area, AND you don’t mind waiting for up to six months for it to sell then using a Real Estate agent may be a good idea.  But if it doesn’t fit all three criteria then you may be wasting your time.  If your house needs work, if it is a less than desirable neighborhood, or if you don’t want to wait for months to sell then you should consider working with me.  When you list your house with a Realtor you will usually have to pay a 6% commission.  You will also pay about 1% in closing costs plus, and this really stinks, you will need to be ready to pay at least 3% in buyers closing costs.  If you are not willing to do this you will probably not sell your house.  Most of the buyers do not have the money to pay closing costs.  So you will probably lose about 10% of the sales price.  Buyers will also get the house inspected and give you a big list of repairs that need to be made.  They will also negotiate the price down as much as possible.    I t is important to keep these things in mind.  The bottom line is that if you use a Realtor you will have to pay some fees and commissions.  This will greatly lower the amount you net from the sale of your home.  And it may take several months to get it sold using a Realtor.  If you compare my cash offer with what you actually walk away with if you use a Realtor you will see that my offers are pretty darn competitive.  It’s the bottom line that counts, not the contract price.  I can close in 3 days.  If you use a Realtor it may take months or longer.

So what about selling it For Sale By Owner.  The short answer is that it is not a good idea.  I list every house I sell with a Realtor.  Realtors have all of the buyers.  They also are able to list your house on the MLS which give it way more exposure than you could ever give it.  Several years ago when the market was hot you could sell it on your own, but not in this current market.  If you are able to pull it off you are still going to pay closing costs and make repairs just like you would if you used a Realtor.  So even though the contract price may be higher than my cash price you will not come out that far ahead.  And, just like I mentioned before, it may take six months for it to sell.  Add up you house payment, insurance payment, and monthly taxes and deduct that from the amount that you will net.  See what I mean?

Many times people call me months after I have made them an offer and tell me that they wish they had taken my offer.   They ended up selling it to a home owner but after they realize that they netted the same as they would have if they had taken my offer they are just sick.  Sometimes I end up buying the house for the same price that offered six months earlier.

There are several advantages to selling your house to a Real Estate investor like me.  I can:

  • Close on whatever day you want. You are in complete control of the closing date.
  • Take the property as-is. You don’t have to fix or clean ANYTHING.
  • Pay all of your closing costs. This saves you a ton of money.
  • Take care of all the details and paperwork. There is no stress for you.

If you are serious about selling your house give me a call today at 806-359-SOLD (7653) or visit my website at Sell My Amarillo House.

Sell a house fast in Amarillo TX | We are looking for houses to buy. Call 806-359-7653

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Do you have a house in Amarillo or Canyon that you need to sell…. Like yesterday?   If so then give us a call!  We are a local husband and wife team looking to buy houses in Amarillo and Canyon.  We can close on your house in as little as 3 days if you need us to. We are members of the Better Business Bureau. We don’t want to list your house, we want to BUY it.  There some real advantages to working directly with a home buyer.

  1. We are super easy to work with! We make sure you understand all of your options.
  2. We pay cash!  You don’t have to worry about long drawn-out bank approvals.
  3. We close whenever you want! You are in complete control.
  4. We buy property in as is condition. You don’t have to fix anything or even clean anything!
  5. We don’t put a sign in your yard and try to sell your house to other buyers. WE BUY IT!
  6. We pay all of the closing costs and take care of all the details.  We make it very easy.

If you badly need to sell your house give us a call today at 806-359-SOLD (7653).  You can also visit us online and fill out a confidential request for us to bid on your house.  Sell Your Amarillo House

How long does it take to sell a house in Amarillo TX? | Sell your house Amarillo TX.

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

This has to be the question that I am most often asked.  How long does it take for a house to sell in Amarillo TX?  Well first off, that is just about impossible to answer.  Not all houses are the same.  It depends on the area, condition of the house, time of year, marketing, and on and on.  You can look at statistics and reports but they are just averages.  No house is just like your house.  Most reports that I am looking at show about 3-6 months.  That is if you are listing with a Realtor and is in good condition.  If you have a house that needs repairs it may take a very long time to sell.  Houses like that are taking up to a year to sell. 

Everyone knows that our market has slowed down quite a bit.  If you want your house to sell you need to price it aggressively and make sure that it doesn’t need any repairs.  You need to realize that there is a lot of competition out there.

So what if you can’t wait 3-6 months or longer?  What if you need to sell it this week?  If that is the case then give us a call.  We specialize in buying houses that need to be sold quickly, or that need work, or both.  We pay cash, close whenever you want, and pay the closing costs. 

When you compare our offer with what you actually walk away from the closing table using a Realtor you will be shocked.  We can close whenever you want and take the house in it’s as is condition.  You don’t have to fix anything or clean anything.  It is very easy.  If you need to sell your house this week give us a call at 806-359-7653 or visit us online at Sell My Amarillo House.

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