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Short Sale Amarillo TX | Stop Foreclosure 806-359-7653

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

The number of foreclosures in Amarillo has dropped dramatically.  That is great news for our housing market and for home owners in general.  Of course, if you are currently facing foreclosure, this news is of little comfort to you.

We have been helping people avoid foreclosure for 10 years.  There are several ways that a person can avoid a foreclosure.  One way is to work a short sale with your bank.  In the past when a home owner called me I had to explain to them exactly what was involved with working a short sale.  But not any more!  People have become more educated than ever.  It seems like just about everyone is at least familiar with a short sale.

A short sale is basically where a home owner works out an agreement with their lender for their payoff amount to be lowered.  This will help get the house sold.  The bank avoids costly attorney fees and the home owner  keeps a foreclosure off of their record.  Win-win.

The problem is that short sales are difficult and they can take several months to complete.  The bank requires that your house be listed with a Real Estate Agent in order to start the process.  Many times home owners list with an agent who is not familiar with short sales and they are never successful.

In my opinion the number one key to a successful short sale it to work with the right team!  We have a unique approach that makes us very successful at negotiating short sales.  First we have an agent who understands how to properly market these properties.  This is extremely important.  The second thing we do is send in an offer immediately.  Since I am an investor I just send a cash offer with all the short sale paper work.  This causes the file to be marked ‘urgent’ and moved to the front of the line.  Even if the bank does not accept my offer it will cause them to at least give us a lower number.  The final and probably most important thing we do is hire a professional short sale negotiator.  This makes all the difference in the world.   She does an amazing job negotiating with the bank to get your short sale approved.   She is only paid if the deal closes.  We pay her so you still will not owe any money.

If you are behind on payments and facing foreclosure give us a call.  We are short sale specialists.  When you call us you get a top-notch agent, a seasoned investor, and a bull dog negotiator all in one!  Call us today and let me see if you are a good candidate for a short sale.  The call is confidential and it doesn’t cost you a dime.  Call 806-359-7653 or visit us at Short Sale Amarillo.

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