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We Buy Amarillo Houses for Cash | Home Buying Scam Amarillo TX

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

You would be crazy to sell your house to one of those We Buy Amarillo Houses for Cash companies right?  After all, they are just a bunch of scam artists.  Listing with a Realtor is ALWAYS your best option.  After all, they are professionals and they help you get top dollar.  Right?

Recently I read an article on the internet advising home owners to steer clear of We Buy Amarillo Houses companies.  The author who was a licensed Real Estate Agent, went on and on about how it is NEVER a good idea to sell to an investor.  She said it is ALWAYS better to list with a ‘Professional.’  I strongly disagree.

First let me start by saying that every person selling a home has a unique situation.  It is not wise for anyone to give them ‘one size fits all’ advice.  Let me also say that many times it IS in fact better for a homeowner to list with an agent.  If the house is in good condition, in a good neighborhood, and the seller has plenty of time to sell then a Realtor is probably the way to go.  But if the seller has a house that needs work, or is in a bad neighborhood, or they need to sell fast, then I highly recommend that they get an offer from a reputable Real Estate Investor.  Then they can decide for themselves which way to go.

Realtors are always quick to point out how terrible it is for investors to make what they consider to be low offers.  But what they need to realize is it is even worse to mislead a homeowner by promising them an unrealistic price for their house.  This is one of the oldest tricks in the book.  An agent will recommend a high listing price just to get the homeowner to list with them.  After the home has been on the market for a month or two with no showings the agent will recommend a price reduction.  A few months later the agent will recommend another price reduction.  At this point the homeowner is very frustrated but they are locked into a listing agreement.  In my opinion this is much more deceptive and dishonest then offering a low price.  But nobody ever talks about it and it happens all the time!

Another thing that Realtors need to remember is that not every house can be sold on the MLS.  Many people who call investors like me have a house that needs a lot of work.  These houses will end up being sold to an investor anyway so why involve a Realtor and pay extra commissions?

It is also important to remember that timing in a Real Estate transaction is just important as price to some people.  If you look on the Amarillo MLS you will find that many houses listed with agents have been on the market for over a year!  Some people need to sell their house in a week, that’s why they call me in the first place.

In the end, I believe that more information is better than less information.  More options are better than less options.  I always encourage homeowners to consult with a Realtor.  But I also think it is good for homeowners to get a written offer from an investor.  Especially if they have a house that needs a lot of work or that needs to be sold fast.  There is nothing that FORCES someone to take that offer!  I have found that people are not stupid.  If they can get enough good information they can make an intelligent decision.

If you would like to speak with me about receiving an all cash offer on your house please call me at 806-359-7653.  Or visit me online at We Buy Amarillo Houses Cash. After all, how could it hurt to just get an offer?


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