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Amarillo Home Buyers Company | Are you trying to steal my house?

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

I just got a call from a guy who I talked to about 6 months ago who wanted me to buy his home in Amarillo.  We couldn’t come to terms so he listed it with a Realtor.  He is a really nice guy, and despite not being able to work with him, we made friends.  I told him to let me know how everything went.  This is what he told me.  In the end, he walked away with about $5,000 more than what I had offered him on his home.  It took him 6 months to find a qualified buyer and get his house sold.  The contract price was higher, but by the time he paid his Realtor 6%, paid 3% in buyer closing costs, and 1% in his own closing costs, he didn’t get as much as he thought he would have.  But here’s the bad part.  He had to keep making payments for 6 months while his house was on the market!  His payment with taxes and insurance included came to about $716 per month (This was about a $100,000 house).  So he paid $4296 in payments over that 6 month period.  And to add insult to injury, he had to paint the trim of the home so that it would pass the bank inspection.  As you can imagine, this guy was a little frustrated.  He told me that he should have taken my offer and ran!

When I get calls from people looking for someone to buy their home in Amarillo, I know what they are thinking… They think I am just trying to steal their home.  But that’s just not the case.  I do the combined job of both a Realtor and a General Contractor, but the big difference is that I am a buyer, and they are not.  I have to get it for a good enough deal that I can fix it up and resale it for a profit, but when you compare my offer with what you would actually walk away with if you were to use a Realtor, you will see that I am actually a pretty aggressive buyer!  Especially if your home needs some work. 

So if you are looking for a home buyer in Amarillo give me a call.  I can go over the numbers with you and if it makes sense for you to do business with me then great.  If not then that’s ok too.  You can call me at 806-359-7653 or visit my website at Sell My Amarillo House for more information about my company.

Are Real Estate Investors Scam Artists? | Real Estate Investors Amarillo TX

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

If I needed to sell my house to a Real Estate Investor I have to admit that I would be a little skeptical.  And for good reason!  It seems like there is always some investor making the news who tried to scam home owner out of their house.  It also seems like a lot of Real Estate investors are, well, for lack of a better word, just plain weird.    Considering the fact that your home is probably your biggest asset, it pays to chose wisely when considering Real Estate investment companies!

Let me say this… just because someone says they are a Real Estate Investor doesn’t always mean that they are a legitimate company.  I could tell you plenty of stories of people who tried to work with a rookie investor who ended up regretting it!

So how do you know if you are dealing with a reputable company?  Here are some suggestions:

1.  Try to deal with only local Real Estate Investors.  This makes checking up on a company much easier.

2.  Ask for and call references.  This is so important.  A good company should have plenty of satisfied customers.

3.  Check with the Better Business Bureau.  This isn’t always a completely reliable source, but it is still a good place to start.

4.  Insist on using a local title company.

5.  Meet the person face to face if possible.

6. Ask lots of questions.  If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.

7. Have a local attorney review the contract.

It is important to remember that not all real estate investment companies are bad.   We buy Amarillo houses but we also help people.  Sometimes we advise people to do something besides selling us their house.  They just look at us kind of funny.  But that’s just how we do it.  We have to live and work here in Amarillo with the same people we help.  We are very much a local company.  People can stop by our office for a cup of coffee anytime.  But the bottom line is that our deals close on time.  We do what we say we’ll do. That’s why we are still in business.

If you are looking for a legitimate Real Estate Investor give me a call.  I would love to visit with you about your house.  You can call me at 806-359-7653 or visit my website at Amarillo Real Estate Investor.

Real Estate Investor in Amarillo TX Buys Houses!

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

With all of the late night infomercials on late night TV, it seems like there are more Real Estate Investors popping up than ever before.  I actually ran into a guy the other day who was my waiter at Chili’s who told me that he was a Real Estate Investor!  I’m not trying to be mean, but that is not the guy who I would want to deal with if selling my house was a life or death matter!  And if anyone understands how hard it can be to get started as a Real Estate Investor it’s me.  I moved to Amarillo 15 years ago with everything I owned loaded in the back of my pickup truck!  I sympathize with people who are starting out.  But it’s like going down to have open heart surgery…. Give me the doctor who has done hundreds of surgeries, not the rookie doctor who is just starting out!

My wife and I are local Real Estate Investors who buy houses in the Amarillo and Canyon area.  We have been doing this for seven years and have bought and sold hundreds of houses.  We have the experience to handle any just about any type of Real Estate problem that you can think of.  We take the time to listen to you and make sure that you understand all of your options.  We are very easy to work with.  If you don’t believe me then just give me a call and you will be able to tell in the first few minutes of our converstion.  I can give you as many references as you want.  If you have a house that you need to sell give us a call.  Not all Real Estate investors are created equal!  This is what we can offer…

  • Close on whatever day you want (You are in complete control!)
  • Take the property as-is (You don’t have to fix or clean ANYTHING!)
  • Pay all of your closing costs (Saves you money!)
  • Take care of all the details and paperwork (No stress for you!)

If you are even thinking about selling your house, and you don’t want to wait 6 months for it to sell with a Realtor, give us a call today at 806-359-SOLD (7653). I think you will be glad you did. Or visit my website here: Amarillo Real Estate Investors

Amarillo Home Buyers | Who buys homes in Amarillo TX?

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

If you are looking for Home Buyers in Amarillo you have found one. Well, really you have found two.   My wife and I have been buying homes in Amarillo for the past 10 years.  We mostly deal with people who want us to buy their home quickly and take it as is.  Sometimes we buy homes from people who simply do not want to go through all of the hassles associated with using a Realtor.

Over the past 10 years we have seen just about everything that you can imagine.  No matter what you are dealing with we can probably help.  Sometimes we can show you a solution that doesn’t even involve us buying your house.  I over -heard my wife on the phone yesterday with  a nice man who wanted us to  buy his home.  As it turned out, what he really needed to do was look into a reverse mortgage.  We were able to really help this guy out in a way that he probably wasn’t even expecting.  I guess what I am saying is that we really try to listen to each person’s story and find a good solution.  I only want to buy the home if that is really what is best for everyone.

So if you have a house in Amarillo and you are looking for a cash buyer then give us a call.  We are very friendly and easy to work with.  You can check us out online at Amarillo Home Buyers or better yet, give us a call at 806-359-7653.

We Buy Amarillo Houses! | Call us today for a free quote!

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

We buy Amarillo houses and Canyon houses.  As we head into the Holiday season, I think I really need to be advertising that We SELL houses instead of We BUY Amarillo houses!  I have got to start selling some of my inventory…  But at least for the time being, I am still buying houses.  Our Real Estate market has really slowed down.  In a slow market, selling to a cash buyer like me can make a lot of sense.

Most people don’t realize how long it takes to sell a house with a Realtor right now.  It can take six months or longer.  People also don’t realize how much it costs to sell with a Realtor.  Most Realtors charge six percent, plus you have your closing cost, plus you usually have to pay the buyer’s closing cost, plus make the lender required repairs, and most people want to negotiate…. This all adds up to a lot of money!  When you compare my cash offer with what you will actually walk away with if you use a Realtor you will be very surprised.

If I buy your house, I pay all of the closing costs and I take the house ‘as is’ so you don’t have to worry about making any repairs.  I can usually close in just a few days if you need me to.  I make it very simple and easy.  You don’t have to worry about people coming through your house at all hours of the day.

If you have a house that needs work, or you need to sell it fast, or maybe both, then give me a call today at 806-359-7653.  You can also get more information by visiting my website at We Buy Amarillo Houses.  While you are there get a copy of my free report and find out how the experts sell houses faster and for more money!

Do you need to sell your house in Amarillo TX? I can help!

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

It is a great fall morning here in Amarillo TX!  As I get ready to start my day, I can’t help but notice that  that the phones have been ringing more lately.  I wish it was from people who wanted to buy a house because I sure do need to sell some of my inventory!!  But all of the calls are from people who want to sell their house.  It is definitely a buyers market.  Even here in Amarillo.  I think it is partly because of the time of year, but also because the first time home buyer tax credit has expired.  Whatever the case might be, if you are about to sell your house you need to expect it to take longer.  If you aren’t in a position to wait around for six months then give me a call.  At least for the time being I am still buying houses.  I am a member of the Amarillo Better Business Bureau.  I can…

  • Close on whatever day you want (You are in complete control!)
  • Take the property as-is (You don’t have to fix or clean ANYTHING!)
  • Pay all of your closing costs (Saves you money!)
  • Take care of all the details and paperwork (No stress for you!)


If you really need to sell you house give me a call today at 806-359-SOLD (7653)  Or you can visit my website at Sell My Amarillo House

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