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Amarillo Home Buyers | Who buys homes in Amarillo TX?

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

If you are looking for Home Buyers in Amarillo you have found one. Well, really you have found two.   My wife and I have been buying homes in Amarillo for the past 10 years.  We mostly deal with people who want us to buy their home quickly and take it as is.  Sometimes we buy homes from people who simply do not want to go through all of the hassles associated with using a Realtor.

Over the past 10 years we have seen just about everything that you can imagine.  No matter what you are dealing with we can probably help.  Sometimes we can show you a solution that doesn’t even involve us buying your house.  I over -heard my wife on the phone yesterday with  a nice man who wanted us to  buy his home.  As it turned out, what he really needed to do was look into a reverse mortgage.  We were able to really help this guy out in a way that he probably wasn’t even expecting.  I guess what I am saying is that we really try to listen to each person’s story and find a good solution.  I only want to buy the home if that is really what is best for everyone.

So if you have a house in Amarillo and you are looking for a cash buyer then give us a call.  We are very friendly and easy to work with.  You can check us out online at Amarillo Home Buyers or better yet, give us a call at 806-359-7653.

We Buy Amarillo Houses! | Call us today for a free quote!

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

We buy Amarillo houses and Canyon houses.  As we head into the Holiday season, I think I really need to be advertising that We SELL houses instead of We BUY Amarillo houses!  I have got to start selling some of my inventory…  But at least for the time being, I am still buying houses.  Our Real Estate market has really slowed down.  In a slow market, selling to a cash buyer like me can make a lot of sense.

Most people don’t realize how long it takes to sell a house with a Realtor right now.  It can take six months or longer.  People also don’t realize how much it costs to sell with a Realtor.  Most Realtors charge six percent, plus you have your closing cost, plus you usually have to pay the buyer’s closing cost, plus make the lender required repairs, and most people want to negotiate…. This all adds up to a lot of money!  When you compare my cash offer with what you will actually walk away with if you use a Realtor you will be very surprised.

If I buy your house, I pay all of the closing costs and I take the house ‘as is’ so you don’t have to worry about making any repairs.  I can usually close in just a few days if you need me to.  I make it very simple and easy.  You don’t have to worry about people coming through your house at all hours of the day.

If you have a house that needs work, or you need to sell it fast, or maybe both, then give me a call today at 806-359-7653.  You can also get more information by visiting my website at We Buy Amarillo Houses.  While you are there get a copy of my free report and find out how the experts sell houses faster and for more money!

Do you need to sell your house in Amarillo TX? I can help!

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

It is a great fall morning here in Amarillo TX!  As I get ready to start my day, I can’t help but notice that  that the phones have been ringing more lately.  I wish it was from people who wanted to buy a house because I sure do need to sell some of my inventory!!  But all of the calls are from people who want to sell their house.  It is definitely a buyers market.  Even here in Amarillo.  I think it is partly because of the time of year, but also because the first time home buyer tax credit has expired.  Whatever the case might be, if you are about to sell your house you need to expect it to take longer.  If you aren’t in a position to wait around for six months then give me a call.  At least for the time being I am still buying houses.  I am a member of the Amarillo Better Business Bureau.  I can…

  • Close on whatever day you want (You are in complete control!)
  • Take the property as-is (You don’t have to fix or clean ANYTHING!)
  • Pay all of your closing costs (Saves you money!)
  • Take care of all the details and paperwork (No stress for you!)


If you really need to sell you house give me a call today at 806-359-SOLD (7653)  Or you can visit my website at Sell My Amarillo House

Sell your Amarillo House FAST! | We can help you!

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Have you heard how long it takes to sell a house with a Realtor these days?  Some reports show 6 months… And that’s if your house is in good condition!  6 months of showings to picky unqualified buyers. 


If that doesn’t sound fun, give us a call.  We specialize in buying houses that need to be sold quickly, or that need work, or both.  We pay cash, close whenever you want, and pay the closing costs. 


When you compare our offer with what you actually walk away from the closing table using a Realtor you will be shocked.  If your house is in perfect condition, you want top dollar, and you don’t mind waiting for months then a Realtor will work fine.  If not, sell it to us, don’t list it!


Call us today and find out what other options you have.  Even if we don’t buy your house we can still give you some helpful ideas.

Call 806-359-SOLD (7653) today!  Or you can visit us online at sell my amarillo house.

Sell Your Amarillo House | We need more houses to buy!

Monday, October 25th, 2010

If you need to sell your house in Amarillo or Canyon give us a call.  We are a local husband and wife team looking to buy houses in Amarillo and Canyon.  We can close on your house in as little as 3 days if you need us to. We are members of the Better Business Bureau. Here is what we offer:


  1.  We are super easy to work with! We make sure you understand all of your options.
  2. We pay cash!  You don’t have to worry about long drawn-out bank approvals.
  3. We close whenever you want! You are in complete control.
  4. We buy property in its as is condition. You don’t have to fix anything or clean anything!
  5. We don’t put a sign in your yard and try to sell your house to other buyers. WE BUY IT!


If you badly need to sell your house give us a call today at 806-359-SOLD (7653).  You can also visit us online and fill out a confidential request for us to bid on your house.  Sell Your Amarillo House

Sell Amarillo House | Has our market slowed down?

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

I was just setting here thinking about the Amarillo Real Estate market and business and life in general.   It occurred to me that our phones have been ringing a lot more than usual lately.  I was wondering why and this is what I came up with.  I can’t prove that these are accurate but I bet that they are.

  1.  The Amarillo Real Estate market has slowed down a little bit.  Now I’m not saying that it is time to panic, and I wouldn’t believe what the news media says, but I do think that things have slowed down.  If you need to sell your house you just need to plan on it taking longer.  Part of that has to do with the time of year.  School has started and the summer boom is over.  It will get even slower as we approach the holidays.  The end of the home buyer tax credit is another reason that things have slowed down.  The home buyer tax credit really did help our Amarillo market as well as the rest of the country.  Those were the good old days…  It is not really that a house won’t sell, because it will, it is just that it is taking longer and selling for less.  It has to be in better condition and marketed properly.  Finally, I think a lot of people are still on the fence.  Maybe they want to see what the economy is going to do.  Whatever the reason, they aren’t ready to pull the trigger and buy a home.


  1. People are tired of using Realtors.  You can have the best Realtor in the world but they still can’t guarantee that your house will get sold.  Realtors charge around 6% for their services.  They do a good job for the most part but it just takes them several months to get your house sold.  Sometimes it is because they are not marketing the property correctly or following up on showings, but other times it has nothing to do with the Realtor.  When you use a Realtor you can count on multiple showings.  Some people don’t want to keep their house neat and clean and be ready to show it with very little notice.  They also don’t want to make expensive repairs.  Most Realtors will want you to make repairs before they take on the listing.  For some people this is just not an option.   They need to sell their house much faster.


  1. People can’t afford their property.  This may be the number one reason that people need to sell their house.  Many people have no idea just how expensive it can be to own a home.  First you have your house payment, then property taxes (which are just about due), and then you have insurance.  These are the big three.  But don’t forget about maintenance!  It just flat out costs a lot of money to keep a house up and running.  Things break and need to be repaired.  All of these things add up.  I have talked to people before who decided to list with a Realtor instead of taking my offer.  Six months later they called me and told me that they finally got their house sold, but that after they paid their Realtor and paid their closing costs and made the repairs that they didn’t come out as well as they had hoped.  When they factor in 6 months of holding costs it is obvious that they would have been better off taking my offer and getting their money 6 months earlier. 


So the bottom line is this… our market is like the old gray mare… she ain’t what she used to be!  It is not as bad as it could be, all things considered, but it still isn’t great.  If you have a house that you need to sell quickly give me a call.  I can make you an offer the same day.  If you decide to accept my offer I can close whenever you want.  I pay all of the closing costs and handle all of the details.  I don’t ever require you to fix or clean anything!  You just sign and pick up your check and move on with your life.  If you are looking for a home buyer in Amarillo TX, I am your guy!  If you are even half way thinking about selling your home give me a call today at 806-359-SOLD (7653).  You can also get more information by visiting my website.  Sell My Amarillo House.

Amarillo TX Real Estate Market. How long does it take to sell a house in Amarillo TX?

Friday, October 1st, 2010

I try to keep a close eye on our real estate market.  As a Real Estate Investor, I have to make sure that I know what houses are worth and how long it takes them to sell, which is just as important. 

When someone calls me to sell their house I like to give them options.  I not only give them a cash offer which I can close in just a few days, I also try to let them know about what their house would bring if they were to list it with a Realtor.  Then they can make a good choice based on the facts. 

It is usually pretty easy to tell someone how much their house is worth.  There are comparable market sales that help me determine that.  The harder question to answer is how long will it take to get the house sold. 

Right now in Amarillo it takes anywhere from 4 to 7 months to sell a house priced $200,000 or less.  You can figure that out by looking at the Months of Inventory in the chart below.  For example, look at the $70,000-$89,999 price range.  There is a 6.3 month supply of inventory.  What this means is that if there were no new listings that came on the market it would take 6.3 months for all of the current listings to be sold.  It is also a rough indication of how long it will take a house in that price range to sell.  It is not an exact science but it is pretty dang close. 





Active Listings





Price Class





$69,999 and Under











































































$1,000,000 and Up





















But remember, this is just a guide.  There are still free market forces at work.  If you have a very nice house that doesn’t need any work and you price it too cheap it will sell sooner.  If you price it too high and it needs a lot of work it will sell much later, if it sells at all.  There are houses all over Amarillo that have been on the market for a year or longer.  Many of these houses are not in good enough condition to be sold with a Realtor. 

In the end it really all boils down to condition and price.  If you price your house correctly you can expect it to sell in about 4-7 months if you use a Realtor.  Of course you will have to pay a Realtor fee of about 6%, plus you own closing costs of about 1%, plus buyer closing costs of 3-6%, and make any necessary repairs.  For some people it is better to take my offer and close the same week.  For others it is better to wait it out and use a Realtor. 

I can tell you this much, regardless of what the charts show, it has gotten much more difficult to sell a house in Amarillo.  Banks are looking for reasons not to make loans.  Buyers are expecting to find bargains and negotiate harder than ever.  They also hire inspectors and expect you to make a lot of repairs.  There just also seems to be more competition than ever.  Every month more and more foreclosed HUD houses come on the market that can be purchased for a discount.  This is stiff competition for you if the house you are selling needs work.

So how long will it take you to sell your house on your own or with a Realtor?  I would say pretty close to 4-7 months if you price it correctly and it is in sellable condition.   It may take longer or it may be sooner.  If you would rather have your money this week then let me make you an offer.  When you compare my offer with the amount that you would actually net if you used a Realtor, you will be very surprised.  If you want more information call me today at 806-359-7653.  Or you can check out our website at Sell My Amarillo House


We Buy Amarillo Houses – Why should you work with us?

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

I know that if you are looking to sell your house that you have a lot of choices.  There are a lot of ‘We Buy Amarillo Houses’ companies out there.  I also know that at the end of the day, the highest bid is what you are looking for, and I understand that.  I want you to know that I consistently offer the most money of any investor in town.  But that is not the point that I am trying to make here.

If I were in your shoes I would probably feel a little overwhelmed.  I would want to get the best price for my house but I would also want to make sure that I was dealing with the right company.

I would like to share an e-mail that I received yesterday.   This lady had been trying to sell her house with a Realtor for months.  She had really gotten the run around!  She was shocked at how good of an offer I was able to make her and how quickly and easily we closed the deal.  I can go on and on about how I pay the most and how I am a member of the Better Business Bureau and how my deals close on time.  But really, what other people say about my company is more important than what I say about it.  So I am sharing this e-mail that she sent me so that you can see what she thinks.


I was out of town on Saturday when my check arrived.  What can I say Wade?  You made everything so easy for us and when we had a question you were right there to answer it.  We cannot thank you enough.   We would not hesitate for one minute to recommend you.    We do hope you will find a family that will love the house as much as we did.   We moved there when I was in sixth grade and I was there until I got married.  Over the weeks when my sister and I would talk about the house and you, we both expressed the same thought, “Wade was a life saver for us.”    Do you mind if we write a review on your web site?  Thank you again and if you need anything else from us, please call.

L. Stephens


I cannot tell you how happy that makes me feel!  I have a ton of testimonials just like this one.  I have a list of references, including this person, who you can call and find out for yourself just how we do business.

Selling your house is a very important decision.  If you are going to sell it to a real estate  investor you need to make sure that you are dealing with the right peopleIf you have a house to sell in Amarillo, Canyon, or Lubbock, give me a call.  Let me explain what we have to offer and you can decide if you want me to make you an offer or not.   You can call me at 806-359-7653. If you are a little shy but still want some more information you should get a copy of my free report “Sell Fast in a Slow Market, 6 Ways to Make Your House Disappear.”  It will help you understand if your house is marketable or not.  Click here for your copy!  Sell My Amarillo House

We Buy Amarillo Houses! If you need to sell your house, call 806-359-7653.

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

It’s no secret that the real estate market has cooled off.  Even here in good ‘ole Amarillo Texas we have seen the housing market slow down.  Several years ago you could just put a sign in your yard and your house would just about sell itself.  That’s definitely not the case today.  Some houses are taking 6 months or longer to sell.  For some home owners waiting for months to get their house sold is just not an option.  If you need to sell your house sooner rather than later then give us a call.  We buy fixer-upper houses.  We buy pretty houses.  We buy just about every kind of house except mobile homes.  Here is what we offer.

  1.  We pay cash so we can close whenever you want.  In as little as a few days if you need to close that fast.  You are in complete control of the closing date.  There are no banks to complicate the transaction.
  2. We take the house as is.  You don’t have to fix or clean anything.  We take care of that for you.
  3. We pay all of the closing costs.  Most people don’t realize how much the closing costs on a typical transaction can add up to!
  4. We take care of all the paperwork and handle all of the details.  All you need to do is focus on your next move and then come sign and pick up your check.  We make it very easy.

Often people tell us that the biggest benefit we offer is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your house will be sold for sure on a certain date, no if’s, and’s, or but’s!  Sometimes life can throw you a curve ball.  You get transferred with your job or you fall behind on your payments and want to avoid foreclosure.  Those are the times when you need to know for sure that you can count on your house being sold.  That is perhaps the worst thing about working with a traditional buyer.  So many times a buyer’s financing will fall through at the last minute.  Sometimes they just change their mind and back out.  We are not that way.  We close on time, every time.

So if you have a house in Amarillo, Canyon, or Lubbock that you need to sell, stop what you are doing and call me.  My web guy tells me that I need to also tell you to send me an e-mail or to visit my website at Sell My Amarillo House and so I’m telling you to do that.  But it’s just way better to pick up the phone and call me.  I’m a nice guy and I won’t try to force you to take my offer.  I can probably give you some ideas that you haven’t thought about, even if I can’t buy your house.  You can call me at 806-359-SOLD (7653) or toll free at 1-866-554-SOLD(7653).

Sell your Amarillo House Fast- How do you know which house buying company to work with?

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

I recently bought a house in Amarillo from a lady who needed to move closer to her children.  She was a really nice lady and I was happy to work with her.  When she first called me she was a little skeptical about working with a Real Estate investor.  When I drove out to take a look at her house I soon found out why.  I noticed a for sale sign in her yard and asked her if she had received any good offers.  She told me that it wasn’t HER sign, it was another investor’s.  She told me that she had signed a contract with this guy and she thought that he was buying her house.  As it turned out, he was just trying to sell it without buying it.  He wanted to be a middleman.  He put his sign in her yard and showed prospective buyers the house  but in the end, could not get it sold.  Now I understood why she was a little nervous.  Three days later when she signed the papers and picked up her check she thanked me for doing what I said I would do.  I went home and thought about it and it made me upset.  That’s why I’m writing this.

I get calls every month from people who tried working with some rinky-dink ‘we buy Amarillo houses’ company.  This investor made big promises but in the end, the deal didn’t close and the homeowner was left hanging.  They call me looking for help.  The problem is that many investors can’t get loans to buy houses, so they just try to make a quick buck by selling the house before they buy it. They just want to be the middle man.  They have no intentions of closing on the houses they put under contract.  It sounds crazy but it actually happens.  .  If you are selling to a Real Estate Investor, how do you know which company to work with?

You have got to make sure that you sell your house to an established, reputable company.  You need to make sure that they have the funds available to close and that they do indeed plan to close on the house  themselves.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1.  Try to deal with only local companies.  This makes checking up on a company much easier.  I personally wouldn’t sell my house to someone who wasn’t local.

2.  Ask for and call references.  A good company should have plenty of satisfied customers.  I can give you a list of references a mile long.

3.  Check with the Better Business Bureau.  Just because someone has a ‘we buy Amarillo houses’ ad does not mean that they are a real company.

4.  Insist on using a local title company.

5.  Meet the person face to face if possible.  There are too many scams out there.  Meeting face to face makes it much harder to be scammed.

6. Ask lots of questions.  Don’t take anything for granted.

7.  Have a local attorney review the contract if anything looks suspicious.

8.  Don’t work with anyone who wants to put a sign in your yard and sell your house to someone else.  That is just ridiculous.  Why not just call a Realtor?

It is important to remember that not all real estate investment companies are bad.  When we write a contract on a house, we intend on closing that deal.  We have the funds available to buy it.  Sometimes we even advise people to do something besides selling us their house.  They just look at us kind of funny,  but that’s just how we do it.  We have to live and work here in this community with the same people we help.  We are very much a local company.  People can stop by our office for a cup of coffee anytime.  But the bottom line is that our deals close on time.  We do what we say we’ll do. That’s why we are still in business.

If you have a house to sell in Amarillo, Canyon, or Lubbock, give me a call.  I would be happy to make you an offer.  You can call me at 806-359-7653. If you are a little shy but still want some more information you should get a copy of my free report “Sell Fast in a Slow Market, 6 Ways to Make Your House Disappear.”  It will help you understand if your house is marketable or not.  Click here for your copy http://www.sellmyamarillohouse.com/index.php

Sell My Amarillo HouseSell My Amarillo HouseSell My Amarillo HouseSell My Amarillo House

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