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How can I sell my house fast in Amarillo?

I wish that every time someone called me with a house to sell that I could buy it.  But that is just not the case.  Sometimes people have plenty of time to sell and their house doesn’t need any work.  In that case selling to a homeowner is the best option.

People often ask me how they can get their house to sell faster and for more money.  There are several things that you can do.  Here is the first one.

Make your house appeal to buyers. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it?  It is so easy though, to over look this point.  With the high number of houses sitting on the market buyers have more to choose from than ever.  Your house must be very appealing to buyers or it will get passed over.  Start with the outside. Curb-appeal is what gets people in the door.  Make sure the exterior is painted and needs no repairs.  Chipping or peling paint will scare off most home buyers.  Use a pressure washer to clean the exterior brick or siding.  The yard should be freshly mowed and free of any trash or junk.  Adding flower beds is an inexpensive way to make your house look better.  You may also consider adding shutters to your windows.  These little things will increase the curb-appeal of your house and help it be more competitive.  Next, focus your attention on the kitchen and bathrooms, especially the master bath.   Experts agree that these are the most important areas of your house.  If you are going to spend money on fixing up your house start here.  Remove all clutter from inside your house.  This helps buyers visualize how they will arrange their furniture.  It also makes your house appear bigger.  Make sure to fix any items that need repair.  Leaky faucets, stained carpet, old hot water heaters, and stained bathtubs are good places to start.  Just make sure that everything works.  Finally, make sure that your house is spotlessly clean and smells good.  You need to be able to show your house with little notice so keep it clean at all times.

If you ever need an outside opinion on your house give us a call.  We can probably give you some ideas that you may not have even thought about.  We buy Amarillo houses every month from people just like you.  And of course, if you need to sell your house fast, give us a call.  We would love to make you an offer!   We buy Amarillo houses every month from people just like you.Call 806-359-SOLD (7653) or visit us at Sell Your Amarillo House.

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