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2012 has been a very encouraging year for Real Estate sales.  There is little doubt that artificially low interest rates are driving the housing market.  People who have been nervous about buying a home have taken advantage of ridiculously low rates.  This means that sales are up.

I get calls every day from people who need to sell their house fast. They pose a very interesting question.  If our market is so good, why has my house not sold?  In my opinion there are several reasons.

There are still a lot of houses on the market so competition is fierce.  To make matters worse, it’ still not that easy to get a loan.  Even though rates are low buyers are more picky than ever.  And they want a deal!  The houses that are selling right now are the ones that are in great condition AND priced at a great deal.

In my opinion, the segment of our market that is still very slow is fixer-uppers.  Houses that need work are very difficult to sell.  There are still tons of bank foreclosures on the market.  These houses present the greatest competition because they usually need work and they are priced at a discount.  In the past a person could list a fixer-upper on the market and it would sell.  Now it is not that easy.

So if you have a house that needs work you better be in it for the long haul.  Don’t expect it to sell quickly.   If you are thinking ‘how can I sell my house fast’ then we need to talk.  I buy houses in Amarillo and Canyon TX.  I buy houses in all price ranges.  Even the big nice pretty ones.  But the ones we buy the most of are the fixer uppers.  These are the houses that really have a hard time selling on the open market.

If you need to sell your house fast, or if you have a house that needs a lot of work, give me a call.  I buy houses in Amarillo TX from people just like you all the time.  I pay all of the closing costs and take care of all the details.  I buy the houses as is so there is no need to fix anything or even clean up.  Give me a call today.  I bet I can help.  806-359-7653. Or visit me online at I Buy Houses Amarillo

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